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Pop Art is an on-line art gallery mail order based in the country, Littlerock California (a suburb of Palmdale)

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Sizable original artworks (5x7 or larger) are accompanied with a signed Certificate of Art Sale 

24"x36 acrylic abstract painting 
Whirlwind by
Dalny Valdes 
Whirlwind available for sale on Ebay  

Visual artist Dalny Marga Valdes, born January 24 1968 in Saugus/Santa Clarita California is the daughter of Sergio F. Valdes, (DOD 11/1989) a WWII Navy Veteran and MIT graduate Electrical Engineer and artist and Margaret Dolores Valdes.
12x16 acrylic painting 
Selling on eBay

Dalny creates gothic works of art and pop art  by hand (freehand) primarily using oil paints with a sizable pastel collection and using colored pencils, charcoal pastels, and clay; using canvas, paper, or wood, including 
arts & crafts Dalny has over a 300 piece collection of her works of art in her gallery.

Pink Lady Portrait 
5x7 acrylic painting 
eBay Listing

Girl With Raven 
17x24 oil painting 
In custom sized frame 

Dress In The Window 
16x20 oil painting 

The Annabelle
16x20 oil painting 
By Dalny Valdes 

Spring Turns To Summer 
23x40" oil painting on plywood 
Available on Artmajeur

The Lincoln 
16x24 oil painting 
On plywood 
By Dalny Valdes 
Hollywood Postcard
16x20 oil painting 

Marigold II
16x20 oil painting 
Dalny Valdes
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Tele/cell:  661-644-8822

Please allow about 1 week for delivery of your artwork All orders ships  UPS or UPSP within 1 day of placing your order
MADE IN THE United States
DMVAG graphic design by
Dalny Valdes 
DMVAG logo design 
By Dalny Valdes 
DMVAG book cover illustration
Artwork picture coffee table book 
By Dalny Valdes 

DMVAG Graphic design illustration
16x20 poster design & artwork by
Dalny Valdes 
Posters for sale on eBay


DMVAG makes and sells original oil paintings by the artist Dalny Valdes.  DMVAG also sells reproductions, both canvas prints and photographic reproductions from her original  artworks.  Dalny  Valdes works with oil paints, pastel and charcoal, metal  sculptures, clay sculptures, and colored pen and pencils with her domestic and international sales platform on  eBay, eBay store

The Flower
8x10 acrylic painting 
By Dalny Valdes 
eBay Listing

Dalny Valdes also sells her super large oil paintings on plywood on the France based art gallery Artmajeur

The Harlow 2
18x24 Art Reproduction 
Canvas print 
By Dalny Valdes 

18x24 oil painting 
By Dalny Valdes 


DMVAG's oil paintings are reasonable priced compared to the art marketplace.  DMVAG Articles Of Incorporation is a non-profit 2004 and is available upon request
Dalny Valdes Singer/Artist 
Stepping off stage from her 
YouTube performance 

DMVAG Seller's Permit California copy Current 

US Copyright Valdes, Dalny Marga

The Monroe 
16x20 oil painting 
By Dalny Valdes 


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11x14 pastel painting

Lady In Fuchsia Fashion 
24x36 oil painting 
As seen on 

Dalny Valdes Singer SAG/AFTRA 

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The Betsy 
18x24 oil painting 

18x24 pastel painting 

Please help Dalny reach her one thousand person subscription goal so she can collect outside advertising royalties.
Valentine 4
18x24 oil painting
By Dalny  Valdes 

Lady At The Gala 5
18x24 oil painting 


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Dalny Valdes 
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Jan. 02, 2021